How To Make Your Own Nappy Bag?

So you are a proud new mommy with the world’s cutest little baby. You cannot get over how perfect your baby is and how you created such perfection. This is quite a normal feeling and many parents feel this way. As a parent, you want nothing but to take your baby out and about, and show him off to people. You want to take him out shopping, wearing those trendy clothes and a handbag. But you know very well, that in reality this is not possible. One hiccup, and reflux later, your trendy clothes are messed up and you need a mountain of supplies to put the situation right.

This mountain of supplies definitely do not fit into your designer handbag and you may honestly feel that nothing short of a gunny sack will hold them all. Every parent and every baby are different. While a minority of parents will be able to fit all their and their baby’s items in a nice little designer handbag, the majority cannot. So why not make your own bean bag that you can customize the look of baby bean bags not only trendy, but also to hold the baby everything that you and your baby would need.

Figure Out What You Need to Take

If you have come to the conclusion that you need to make your own nappy bag, you may have gone out a few times with your baby. Or someone who did may have related how they needed three outfit changes whereas their bag could hold only two. Using your own experience and those of others (because life is too short to make your own mistakes and learn from them) make a list of what exactly need to go in the nappy bag. This list may change from parent to parent.

The Design

Once you know exactly what you need to be carrying, look for a design that is big enough to carry all that you need. Make sure that you leave room for those extra things that may get added on to the list as your child gets older. It is best to have as many compartments as possible to hold in different kinds of things such as milk bottles, nappies and pacifiers. Look up designs on the internet for designer nappy bags online, or seek help from a professional designer in your area. Keep it user-friendly, but do not compromise on trend altogether.


Choosing the right kind of fabric is the next step when it comes to making your own nappy bag. The fabric should be of a colour that you like. It need not be pink or blue only. Remember that you are the one who will be carrying the bag and not your baby. The fabric also needs to be able to stand wear and tear. Once you have fabric and an appropriate design, get a tailor to create your design for you.

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