The hosting of a baby shower

Baby showers are a fun and exciting way to celebrate the coming of a new baby. After the wedding day, the second life-changing experience in both the lives of the mother and the father. It is a joyous and exhilarating experience that should be celebrated by not only the parents but also friends and family since bringing a new life to this world is truly magical. Baby showers provide a unique opportunity for friends and family to show their joy, celebrate the news and make preparations for the baby’s arrival. This article offers useful insight to expectant mothers on what to do during their baby showers.
One nagging question is usually who should host the shower? This is very simple; anyone today can host showers for the mother-to-be. In the past only non-relatives were allowed to host the event however, because of the growing modernism, mothers and husbands hosting their own showers is quite normal these days. People tend to organise this festive in groups such as a group of friends or a group of relatives. This has proved to be a wonderful way of sharing responsibilities and the excitement that accompanies the planning of this occasion.
Traditionally, baby shower invitations were restricted only to women. A growing trend today is the hosting of a co-ed baby shower. This involves inviting of the fathers-to-be, husbands, boyfriends and brothers. When male guests are invited, the planner should be keen in playing games that will also be enjoyable to men. An interactive and fun game that does not leave men feeling left out is Baby Charades. It involves grouping the guests then competing in acting out baby phrases like changing diapers, fussy baby and giving birth. If the baby shower is not a surprise party, it is necessary to run the guest list by the expectant mother. This is important so as to ensure no guest is left out. If you are looking for help to make your baby shower memmorable, you can visit this weblink to learn more about it.
The event is usually held in the hostess’ home. It can also be held in a favorite restaurant, banquet hall or a hotel depending on the theme and atmosphere of the shower. The occasion is usually held a few months before the baby’s due date. It is very important not to plan the event too close to the due date of the baby so as not to be interrupted by an early arrival of a new-born. Holding the event months before also gives the expectant mother ample time to shop for more items that she might require and were not given in form of gifts during the festive. A couple of months or even weeks after the birth of the young one, you can host a ‘welcoming shower’. This type of baby shower is suitable for out-of-town friends. They will be able to meet the baby while enjoying the celebration. It also gives guests insight in giving gifts as they are able to give gifts that are either specific to a boy or a girl.
Baby shower themes and ideas of favors can be gotten from consulting with friends or family, parenting magazines and the internet. Themes should not be ignored as they set the mood during the whole event.

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