The Nursery

We all have certain images when we think of a nursery but does it really need to have all those things in it? There are few essential items that need to be there for practical reasons but a lot of those images we have of nurseries from movies give us the impression we need more. Having a baby isn’t a cheap thing to do and buying all the necessary equipment needed can be an expensive thing to do.

There are a number of ways to help counter the cost. You can go to the kids and babies markets where mothers sell pre-loved clothes and children’s items. The purchase of a cot could be much less than new or on a second hand website and you actually get to see the quality of the product before you purchase. For me, I was happy to buy a pre-loved cot but needed to make sure the cot mattresses were new. There are many shops specialising in baby needs that you could purchase the new baby mattress to fit your pre-loved cot. You can always make it special by painting it or adding a innovative cot bumper.

In movie nurseries there are change tables and glider feeding chairs. We actually opted to make our own change table by cobbling together a baseboard and some sides to house a change mat. We put this contraption over an existing chest of drawers. It was technically a change table but not one that we purchased, more like homemade! My biggest regret was not having a specific glider rocking chair for feeding. I had friends from mother’s group that had such a thing and I think it would have made things much easier if I’d of had one. Having said that, my daughter quickly got used to feeding in a variety of places and positions depending on where I was at the time.

I can see mobiles hanging from the ceiling and musical boxes to play lullabies … these are truly would likes rather than must haves!

Although not really nursery items, the other big ticket items are the pram and car seat, however, you do need to really careful with car seats and not everyone is always as honest as you are. I preferred to buy a new one that I totally knew was safe and hadn’t been in any sort of accident. Seeing a pram move and how it could be operated makes it easier to choose the right one for you and having multiple kids of different ages means that you might be on the hunt for a double pram.

Don’t forget to buy something for yourself while planning your nursery. Maybe a nice amazing maternity swimsuit or those really comfortable shoes! You deserve a treat too!


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